Thursday, 27 November 2014

2nd appointment for IVF/ICSI

27th Nov 2014 - 2nd appointment for IVF/ICSI

Appointment pagi tadi dlm kol 12.30pm..masuk je blik doc..terus doc suh baring wat tvs...then nmpkla a few eggs kecik je..belah kanan kiri nmpk cam ade 4 each.., doc cam riso my eggs xresponse sgt..mmm i pon riso..last jumpe my DH kene wat SA..alhamdulillah doc ckp suma normal for my DH...i pon terkejut because before this mmg sgt low..maybe sbb kene pakse makan multivitamin and also yg i perasaan dia xstress at work at the moment..hahaha sbb xbyk project..byk wfh..haippp..saba je thats a good thing kan..yeahh :D hepi for him

So skrg ni doc riso kt AMH is 11.30 which should be doc tkot my eggs xresponse sgt and i need double injection so that my eggs response well...mmm kita ikut ajer...

So doc listkan ubat yg i kene amik:

1) Pergoveris - 13
2) Orgalutron - 1
3) Suprefact - 1
4) Ovidrel - 1
5) Utrogostron - 4

Total : RM6145

So doc pesan, kalu period da dtg bgtau dia..then br die decide when to start inject pergoveris..

Ya Allah..permudahkanlah ya Allah..

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