Thursday, 29 December 2011

Still failed ;(

Periodku dtg lg (27/12/2011) maknenye 3rd cycle failed end of my fertility treatment for awhile...gynae ckp i need to rest for 3 months at the same time do normal bd but xyah mkn clomid & no need to get pregnyl shot..she said that i should be ovulating as she can see that its working with clomid before kesan die still akan ade..insyaAllah...

So today da period skrg cam semakin skit..but cd2 very heavy flow..& sakit perut cramp sepjg mlm..asyik terjage je..xpenah plak cam tu before let see how it goes..

Im thinking of minum susu kambing, pati delima, madu...& dgr serbuk debunga kurma is also good..nk try gak nanti..minum kacip fatimah perise koko pon same..nk try sumenye..insyaAllah..

We need to keep on praying..jgn give up..sentiase have faith..insyaAllah..doa kite akan diperkenankan..

Wednesday, 28 December 2011

3rd Cycle

Cam last cycle, my period dtg lg (28/11/2011) here comes da 3rd cycle..mmmm..

Last cycle, gynae pesan if period mai..i need to decrease my clomid to 50mg for cd2-cd6 (29/11-3/12/2011)sbb 2nd cycle ari tu seems like i this 3rd cycle i took 50mg only..she also said that we cannot be stress..die sruh amik cuti kalu time bd tu..well actually my job is abit stress..haishh..

So cd12 (9/12/2011) pi jumpe gynae for tvs..this time, can see 1 big ovum on my left side..gynae ckp nmpk cam nk pecah da..but she still want be to get pregnyl 5000iu shot..sbb takot we dont know exactly bile telur tu akn pecah..

And this cycle just found out that i had a retroverted uterus..gynae said that my uterus terkebelakang skit..mmm,awatle die xmention awai2 kpdku..then die ckp becoz to her retroverted uterus is not causing any fertility problem sbbnye ramai patient die already got pregnant, just that it will take sometimes, kene berusaha, byk doa and etc.

Tp my gynae ade mention, if other gynae, they might want to betuikn retroverted uterus via operation..i think i blum lg kot ke arah itu..scaryle plak..adehh..

So i did some research, kalu org yg retroverted uterus ni..cara bd die len..after bd, u need to lay down on your tummy..but xsurela jd ke x..its ok to try right?

2nd Cycle

Periodku dtg lg on 29/10/ that means stat balik 2nd cycle of clomid...gynae still sruh amik clomid 100mg cd2-cd6 (30/10-3/11/2011)..then cd12 (9/11/2011) pi jumpe gynae wat tvs..this time my ovum sgt byk yg besar2 dlm 4 telur on my right gyane ckp u might be getting twins kalu this time very excited ms cam biase i got pregnyl 5000iu shot on my butt..utk pecahkn telur ontime..gynae kate i will ovulate 36hours later..and kene bd that time..

So this cycle, i bd on cd10,cd12,cd13,cd14,cd16..

After 2ww, periodku dtg lg (28/11/2011) ;( abit frustated sbb cam looking forward for twins..

Cam biase emosiku xtenteram a few days..sometimes benda kecik pon will make me hubby slalu jd tmpt i ngadu..hes a good one though..luv him so much...

Tuesday, 27 December 2011

1st Cycle

First time makan clomid rs cam berdebar2, takot pon ade..hehe..klaka je gynae sruh makan cd2-cd6 clomid kene makan 2 x 50mg since ubt yg dpt dlm bentuk 50mg..lps habis makan, i didnt get any side effect sgt..just that ade la pening2 skit kekdg..

Then on cd12, i pi jumpe gynae pastu nmpk 1 big ovum 18mm on my right well satu lg kecik 13mm..but my left side, nmpk gak a few tp sgt2 kecik..gynae said my uterus lining tebal & ok to get she said that i can proceed with pregnyl shot.. ;)

So pi la nek tingkat 2, kene pregnyl shot on my butt..sakit gak kene skjap je le rs sakit..gynae pesan sruh bd 36 hours after kene shot..that mean esok mlm br bersama..but if nk bersame mlm tu gak pon xpe yg wajib sok mlm..

This cycle we bd on cd11, cd12, cd14, cd15..

I did not bd on cd13 becoz of stresssss..uwaaaa..sdehh :(

After 2ww, i got my period on 29/10/2011...meaning that da first try mmg da agak pon

Gynae pesan kalu period dtg, kene makan clomid lg.. 100mg for cd2-cd6 for 2nd cycle..

Here goes the 2nd cycle..mmm...chaiyok2..

da time when i took the first step...

Let me story abit on my blossom journey... ;)

I had been married for 1 year and half now but still havent conceived yet. I think my hormone yg tunggang terbalik sbb my period sometimes not on time. kdg2 dtg cpt, kdg2 dtg lmbt.. So satu hari i went to this website nakpregnant and it made me wonder, why dont i go for fertility treatment to check sbb yerla..da 1 year plus kawin still xlekat2... Then i bgtau my hubby, die pon agree..before set appointment and everything, i did some research about this treatment..that way, xdela terkezut bile jumpe gynae kan..Lps tu i n hubby went to gynae (23/9/2011) to check in one of private hospital here. The first time checking, gynae said need to check via transvaginal scan aka tvs, so biarkan aje..i heard that ade org wat tvs pon rs sakit..but to me, tvs is just fine, xdela sakit..but rs something in ur tuuttt..hehe..Lps tvs sume, doc said that she will give me clomid 100mg & sruh makan cd2-cd6 (1/10 - 5/10/2011)..then cd12 (11/10/2011) kene dtg balik wat tvs to check on my ovum..but nothing done to check on my hubby's sperm..not yet i guess...xpela..check me first pls..

There u go..first step taken and im so glad sbb rs cam ade jalan penyelesaian after jumpe gynae.. InsyaAllah..

Monday, 26 December 2011

Finally at last...

Finally at last?

Well this is my first entry..after sometimes pkir nk blog ke it goes.. ;)

This blog created to keep track on my blossom journey towards well for me to express my feeling yg kekdg penuh dengan emosi yg tetibe dtg..biasela kan..everyone that is in my shoe will know why right?

Someone said that its good to keep on dreaming, sooner or later, we will get what we dreaming dust to all