Wednesday, 20 March 2013

its been awhile...

Lamanye xupdate blog..abit bz these days coz kami br pindah msuk our new home early this year kami berehat skjap nk pkir psai baby..but actually keep on trying memandangkan this year, im going to be rsnye nk kene start lik usaha kami..chaiyokk2..

So lets go back in time..last treatment i did was on clomid for the 5th time..(i think it was on Sep 2012)..but as expected, it was not ade mention if amik clomid..can take for 6 cycle only..then im saving the last clomid utk IUI...yeahhh, im planning for IUI..insyaAllah for next month..and nak tuka jumpe gynae lain in another hospital in kl..abit far from my its okay..xdela jauh sgt pon kan..hehe..

Oh yeah, im taking some supplement as for now..vit c, b compleks(include folic acid) and vit e je utk kecantikan kulit sgtlah susah nk sruh DH utk amik supplement gak..very hard u know..haishh..last time fertilAid for men that i bought..guess what?..xhabis lg..well..da first botol da i bought another one..for the 2nd cam xbersungguh nk im not sure whether his sperm are improving or not..mmm redha je thats planning for IUI..semoge dipermudahkan...amin..