Thursday, 25 April 2013

starting new cycle..

today da CD3, pagi td pi hospital pi amek blood test..i took half day leave to go there..seb baik skjap je..bwk borang siap2 yg doc bg last visit..then trus bleh amik darah..

so next appointment will be on CD12 - 4th May cant wait & abit scared actually, will get all the result on this date..huhuhu..hopefully all are okay..i suspected that i might have endo sbb before period mesti cam sakit belakang..smpaikn nk bgn/smyg pon rs hopefully xde...lets prayyyy..

Total payment : RM312

Emotionally unstable ;(

my aunty just passed a way last monday ;( very very very sad..shes like a mum to me..will be missing her so much..semoga rohnya dicucuri rahmat & ditmptkn dikalangan org2 yg beriman..insyaAllah..amin..alfatihah...

Saturday, 13 April 2013

Hoping for good year 2013..

Officially change to new gynae this morning in one of private hospital in kl...smpai hospital around 8.18am..then register pastu 2 hours later br dpt jumpe da 6th person...nway guess whatt??just found out i got pcos..mmmm..previous gynae xde plak ckp i ade pcos...padanle my period sometimes not on time..last month 2 weeks late..hopefully this month ok..

So today cd26, i took blood test & as well for my DH..doc suh cek my DH hormone to see awatle low count kan..adekah becoz of hormon ke bateryyy??eekeke..lawak gak doc ni..

So nanti cd3, kene dtg wat blood test lg..pastu kene amik 100mg clomid for 5 days (cd3 until cd7) this will be my 6th cycle of clomid..mmm..nway cd3 ni xyah wat appointment..just pi lab..then nanti cd12/ jumpe lik doc wat tvs to cek telur & discuss psai result blood test..If sume okeh..then we will proceed for iui..maybe cd15/cd16...

Total payment : RM688 (13/4/2013)

Ya Allah permudahkan jalan kami ya Allah..amin