Wednesday, 23 May 2012

Mmm..SA result..

Ms pg anta bekas utk SA kt gribbles lab..derg bgtau result akan kuar dlm ms 5-7 hari bekerja..result akan terus dianta ke hospital yg kite what we need to do is..just buat appointment ngn gynae..then gynae will advise da result..
Tp better kol hospital dulu to make sure result da wat akhirnye slps seminggu wat pon jumpe ni hubby xikut sbb die xdpt nk cuti..sbb ade keje urgent di xpela..gynae pon bgtaula resultnye..
Gynae said that based from da result my hubbys sperm count & morphology is motility is good more than ade ayat yg gynae ckp wat im abit sad..."kalu camni, nk wat iui pon xlps"...mmm dlm hatiku terus berdoa..ya Allah kuatkanlah kami dlm menghadapi ujianmu ini..permudahkanla dok discus ngn gynae..mataku mmg da berair tp dok tahan..sdeh yg that time,gynae suggest buat skali lg SA for the 2nd time..nk confirmkn betui2..sbb gynae ckp kalu hubby stress mmg dia akan effect sperm count tu i agreed for my hubby to do SA for da 2nd kene wat lik appointment kt gribbles..sume byr kt hospital..kt gribbles xyah byr pape da..
Mmm..gynae ade bgtau ade sorg patient dia..having low sperm count prob...then after amik supplement fertilAid for men..alhamdulillah his wife pregnant..not sure die makan brape lame..rsnye dlm 1 month kot..sbb gynae ckp 1 month after wife die stop treatment..nanti i'll check back with gynae ye..hopefully theres a way to improve sperm count..insyaAllah...
Nway ms ni la i decided to go for HSG...this is to make sure on my side is amik borg/surat siap2 dr gynae...

Tuesday, 22 May 2012

Pulau Dayang Bunting (Dayang Bunting Island)

Out of topic...hehe
Last month dear hubby & i went for a holiday in Langkawi..tmpt yg mmg wajib pg adalah pulau dayang bunting/pregnant maiden lake..we went there by speedboat..sgt best!
Well theres a myth about da lake..
" This island is famous for its large and beautiful lake, Tasik Dayang Bunting. Legend has it that any woman who couldn't conceived a child will be rewarded and blessed with one if she drank the water from this lake."
(Source: Pulau Dayang Bunting )
Mmm xtaula nk percaya ke x..but if you take a good look at the hills that form the backdrop to the lake and you will see the outline of the body of a pregnant woman who is lying down on her back..sgt terpegun dgn ciptaan Allah..
We're both swam n sip some water from the lake and was suprised da water of da lake is not salty at all..bsrnye ciptaan Allah..tetibe2 ade lake in da middle of hills..
We had a great fun there..sekali skala kena gak amik cuti enjoying & relaxing xdela nk tensen2 sgt kan..hopefully..
Why dont u guys go there and have some fun..Nway my mission failed that month..xpela..chaiyokkkkk..dont give up...

HSG appointment

Last appointment ngn gynae,sy da mintak siap2 refer letter utk wat HSG..ntah nape xsemua hospital provide service terpakse outsource lg kt hospital len..kami diberi pilihan pg kpj kajang..but when i ask,doc yg wat hsg tu laki ke perempuan..gynae said terus cam down..i ask is there any other hospital yg wat HSG ngn doc perempuan?..Derg ckp kt seremban doc then i ckp xpela bg jela borg tuh dulu...later i cek sendiri..
So i start google sane sini..jumpe some of comment from forum/blog yg bgtau if nak doc perempuan wat HSG kt kpj tawakal & pusrawi..but pusrawi abit we decided to go for kpj tawakal..first thing i did was set an appointment...
I pon kol la kpj tawakal transfer to bhgn xray..seorg lelaki angkat phone
"hello,bhgn xray"
"hello, sy nk set appointment utk wat mane eh process die?
"ok,puan nak set appointment bile? Bleh sy tau ari ni ari keberapa puan dtg bulan? Sbb utk wat HSG ni kalu bleh elok ms hari ke 9-11 period.."
Kebetulan ms sy kol tu CD2..
"Oooo,ari ni hari kedua period, so kalu cam tu bleh x nk set ms cd9.."
"bleh,sy check kosong lg kol 10.30am,11.30am,12.30pm,2.30pm, yg slot pg dr tu da penuh"
"kalu cam tu nk yg pkul 11.30am la.."
"if puan nak yg 10.30am pon ok gak sbb kol 9.30am ade patient..bleh doctor terus wat utk puan lps tu"
"mmmm..okla camtu.."
"ok set kol 10.30am ari rabu 9/5/2012 ye"
Then sy bg name and ic and no hp..
"ok procedure die puan xbleh bersama lepas habis period smpai be4 wat HSG, and doc perempuan yg akan wat HSG namenya doc fatimah...oh ya bleh sy tahu, puan dr lppkn ke?"
"mm dr hospital ade surat dr gynae"
"camtu nanti puan bwkla surat tu skali"
"brape ye cost utk HSG ni?
"rm180 utk sume"
"ok..kalu camtu confirmla..terima kasih"
End of conversation...

SA appointment for dear hubby..

SA means Semen Analysis... Mmm..Gynae ade pesan if kalu nak suruh DH test SA kene dtg amik borg kt first ingt nk wat HSG dulu..but after discussion ngn gynae..gynae suggest utk try for SA first..lgpon DH xpenah test pape lg..
Nasib baik my hubby need to set for appointment..SA ni kene wat tmpt len coz hospital yg sy pg xde alat utk die outsource kt lab gribbles..biasenye kalu nk wat SA ni kene ade surat/ borg dari sape2 nk wat sile dptkn refer letter dulu ya :)
Lps da amik borg/ pg gribbles utk wat appointment terus..then dieorg akan bg kite botol yg da disterile utk msukn semen itu..SA nye procedure..DH xbleh bersama selama 3 hari before SA tu..and kene hantar dlm mase max 1 hour..seb baik my house is near to lab gribbles tu..took me 20minutes drive..and one thing, better wat SA ni ms kite tgh period..just to be save ;)


What is BBT? Basal body temperature is the lowest temperature attained by the body during rest (usually during sleep). It is generally measured immediately after awakening and before any physical activity has been undertaken, although the temperature measured at that time is somewhat higher than the true basal body temperature (Source: Wikipedia )
Nak dijdkan ceritanya... Well i started taking bbt after 3 months stop fertility treatment..Before this mmg xtau pon bile ovulate..penah gak gune ovulation test always get a negative after berbbt selama 2 bln, i can see my graf showing da day i ovulated plus dpt positive sign bile test..thats a great yg lecehnya..bgn tido je kekdg terlupe nk amik suhu..da best time tu track ur body temperature adalah lps bgn dr tido..So chaiyokkkkk :)

Monday, 21 May 2012

Cd53 dpo38

Its been awhile..i havent manage to update this blog..well theres alot to kite review keblkg jap.. On 17th Feb 2012 cd53 dpo38 akhirnye my period came..lame betui cycle kali neh..but im very glad coz bleh start new cycle :)
24th Feb 2012 cd7 - appointment ngn gynae sbb pinggangku sakit sgt..
Then i found this fertility website where u can pinpoint ur own graf to track ovulation..
So started Feb 2012 punye cycle..i track mine..worth to try ;)