Monday, 6 October 2014

Oh myyy...Hysteroscopy & dnc ;(

It has been awhile...a month already after i went through operation to remove polyp..actually planning for IVF last Sept..tapi semua itu kuasa tuhan..last checkup on last gynae nmpk ade polyp size 6mm dlm rahimku...sob..sob...disbbkn planning for ivf..doc ckp rahim kene sehat..xboleh ade benda yg halang dr implantation before proceed with we decided to do hysteroscopy and also dnc on 10th Sept ivfku je masuk keje lastweek..mmm rs cam nk benti keje je skrg...haipppp

Nway my operation went our plan is to do IVF on this coming November insyaAllah..doakan semuanye berjalan dgn lancar & dipermudahkan..amin

So right now, supplement i took only multivitamins, vit D and acid folic je..doc xbg amik benda lain sbb takot cam polyp ni doc ckp mayb something yg i mkn yg trigger polyp i dont know any other supplements sume i da stop..huhuhuh..byk estrogen also can trigger polyp kan..

So sape2 yg da start treatment for ttc..jgnla tunggu lame2 br nk cek lik..last 4 years...i mmg xde polyp..everything normal except i'm im not so lucky this time..tetibe xpela tu semua dugaan hidup kita redha je la..

Skrg tgh pantang lg sbb wat i avoid seafood/sayur&buah yg sejuk je so far..yg len i hentam mkn..doc ckp xyah i takot..heheh...

Next appointment with my gynae is on period may be a bit late due to last operation tunggu je la...hopefully polyp xtumbuh lik coz doc ckp my rahim cam senang nk nek balik polypnye..mmm semoge dijauhkan...amin...

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